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I am a fiber artist, a painter, and a potter living on Long Island with my family.  I love history, photography, and age old crafts techniques, especially weaving and felting.  Working with raw natural fiber allows me to embrace with and connect to centuries of tradition in a modern art form.

I’m mostly drawn to the organic renewability of natural fibers and have a vast respect for the history of the craft.  Working with cruel free animal fiber along with various plant fiber allows me to stay true to my passion for sustainability.

Through both traditional and modern felting techniques, I’m able to manipulate the fiber from it’s once vulnerable beginning to it’s final solid state.  Creating something tangible from a pile of fleece or bamboo.  I love the tactility of the wet felting process along with traditional weaving techniques.  Always admiring each craft’s eternal connection to nature and the animal it once belonged to, a simple yet magical transformation whether it be a hand woven wall piece for the home or a felted piece of wearable art.






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