07.10.14Resources for my fabulous students…

Today I taught a workshop at the East End Art Council, which was fabulous!  It was my first time teaching in the carriage house at East End, and I didn’t want to leave…  The space was heavenly, the ladies who decided to roll up their sleeves and give wet felting a try were wonderful and I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday’s Felted Vessel- 3D form class.  photo 1 Here’s a shot of everyone working really really hard, what better feeling than being able to share your passion with others creative spirits and finding they kinda maybe love it too! photo 2 I wanted to put together quick list of resources for you all, where I get all that good stuff…

Merino Roving:

New England Felting Supply

Ashland Bay

                    Etsy is a great place for various hand dyed roving and small quantities of luxury fibers and one of a kinds that are fun to experiment with…  Also, do a search for flower stamens on Etsy, you’ll find so many you won’t know what to do!  Some of my favorites is SND supply and 32 North Supplies.

Metal Brooch Pins

Have fun looking and shopping for felting supplies and see you all in class, happy felting!!!

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